Cryptocurrency can be complicated for newcomers to the space and many do not have the time for endless research, watching the 24/7 markets, or stressing over how to increase their bitcoin. At AiTrades, we went the extra mile to configure the easiest possible way for anyone – novice or expert – to setup, configure and copy professional crypto traders effortlessly. We never touch your crypto funds, we do not know how much you are trading, we do not know your strategy. You simply connect via encrypted, secure API and every trade our expert makes is copied in your own exchange account. The low-cost monthly subscription can easily be recovered. You keep 100% of your gains and the referral of others can earn you an additional residual recurring income every month! Our standard compensation plan and bonuses apply to your referral efforts. So, what are you waiting for?



In order to participate and use the various tools and services offered on the AiTrades platform, account holders must have an active Features Package. The software fee included in the Features Package grants access for use of platform services and exclusive pricing available to account holders at AiTrades Shop and BlockGeeks.


What’s different about AiCopyTrades™ compared to other similar copy-trade services?
#1 – You deposit funds only in your own exchange account, and maintain 100% control.
#2 – There are no hidden fees or commissions, so you keep 100% of earnings.
#3 – Our top expert traders use proven, proprietary Robots exclusive 100% to AiTrades.
#4 – The option to subscribe without trading and simply refer others interested in trading for 100% passive recurring income.

These elements are unique to AiCopyTrades™, so join today and start earning!